"I have been concentrating recently on a series of work dealing with the duality of the human experience and creating a new symbolic myth structure to handle our rapidly changing world out of balance."
Mark Carter

Mark was born to a loving, beautifull mother and a creatively genius father on Apri, 13 1966 in the South. He spent his childhood fascinated with nature, creeks, rivers, oceans and mountains. Built huge tree houses some with over five levels and 40 feet high, with all the materials "lifted" from various new houses being built. He has ridden and loved motorcycles since his first mini-bike at the age of seven. From finger paintings on his childhood walls to highly detailed images and sculptures of the tragic beauty of the human experience......he has spent his life attempting to get close to the very core of what makes our creative consciousness thrive. Mark studied art at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio and in 1989 received a B.F.A. in painting.

In 1990 he moved to New Orleans, where he had visited old family friends over the years, for this was the creative city for him, as it had been for so many others for countless years. In 1991, he had a one man show at the Gibbs Gallery in the Wharehouse District dealing with his well known Double Hat Men series and was well received. In 1995 he had moved to Asheville, NC and had a one man show at the Galax Gallery which he sold most of his works. In 1997, after getting together with his future wife, Theresa Reuter, Mark moved to New York state and participated in many group shows and painted numerous murals. He has collectors worldwide and he values and appreciates them greatly. Mark now resides back in his home state of North Carolina, in the mountains, just outside the town of Brevard, NC. He spends a great deal of his time in his studio and travelling to many fantasy/science fiction and tattoo shows selling his work......that is when he is not sharing time with his beautiful wife, an equally exceptional and highly collected artist in her own right, Theresa Reuter/www.theresa-reuter.com

Please enjoy the fruits of his work, for they are very tasty. - Eddie Gottrell 12/06